testing Bot

Use our Testing Bot to drive sales through marketing campaigns where customers find out more about your product.    Consumers can see if they qualify for testing and get gated access to test results. Results are accessed in real-time through integration with the lab system or device.

Attract new Customers


Key Benefits


  • Attract new customers through chatbot driven marketing campaigns
  •  Scale and manage initial screening & questions 
  •  Achieve better engagement through dialogue-based campaigns
  • Give prospects an easy way to get the info they need 
  • Decreased burden on staff as chatbot can handle routine questions & qualification



Provide gated access to results


Key Benefits


  • Customers can get 24X7 access to results and personalized recommendations based on lab or client protocols. 
  • Add customized explanations based on user’s results to aid comprehension
  • Add security measures where needed
  • Integrate with lab or device system to provide real-time access to results
  • Allow user to request live chat or to connect with a health provider in certain scenarios.



Customize with your own chatbot icons, logo and colours to match your branding. Ask us how to translate your knowledge and processes into a chatbot to extend your reach.