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Project demo

Lab testing

In this demo we qualify patients for testing and provide gated access to test results. Results are accessed in real-time through integration with the customer lab system.

Qualify individuals for testing


Key Features


  • Personalize the conversation by collecting key details from users
  • Allow users to chat naturally (chatbot will understand informal speech)
  • Schedule appointments via a 3rd party scheduler. Book directly within the chatbot via integration or simply link to scheduling system.



Provide gated access to results


Key Features


  • Allow flexible responses – user may select a response or type their own answer
  • Add customized explanations based on user’s results to aid comprehension
  • Enable human intervention when needed (Allow experts to answer questions directly within the chatbot or allow user to connect by phone)
  • Add security measures where needed
  • Integrate with lab systems to provide real-time access to results
  • Allow user to request live chat or to connect with a health provider in certain scenarios.



Customize with your own chatbot icons, logo and colours to match your branding. Ask us how to translate your knowledge and processes into a chatbot to extend your reach.