Health Chatbot
Design & Development 

We design and build custom chatbots to help you engage and educate your customers and expand your market reach.  

How are we different?

We don’t just have the technical smarts. We also have the  health content expertise and marketing savvy to help you make an impact.


Our chatbots help you build a stronger bond with your audience by establishing rapport and making you more responsive.


Chatbots can be a highly cost-effective way to increase the reach of your marketing campaigns and improve conversion rates.


Chatbots help your clients find the information they want more quickly through dialogue. Chat analytics help you learn more about your clients’ needs.

Our chatbots

A few examples to show the versatility of our chatbots.

Recruit for studies

Help people learn

Attract new customers

Chatbot campaigns make it easier for potential participants to discover more about your study, appreciate the value of taking part and find out if they are eligible. This type of campaign is ideally done through Facebook messenger and/or a website landing page.

Our chatbots help people learn and discover information in an efficient and natural way without having to search for it. Learning through dialogue and self-discovery helps clients to engage and enrich their understanding. Analytics help you learn what your clients’ are looking for .

Chatbots can attract new customers through a focused Call to Action which is highly customized to the target audience. Conversational marketing with chatbots increases conversion rates by simplifying the customer journey and asking qualifying questions along the way. 

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